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Introducing an online app with all-in-one platform that has improved how the way you can manage your business. Mesasix Dashboard is a HIPAA-compliant Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that helps you, business users, maximize your control over your website and protects sensitive patient data as well. From recording marketing data and business metrics to administrating workflow processes, Dashboard is guaranteed to be user-friendly with features designed to suite to your business needs.

Mesasix Dashboard



This feature allows you to monitor the performance of your ad campaigns especially in terms of the conversion rate it has generated. The data recorded in this feature will let you see how effective and cost-efficient your adwords create.




The app records visits, page views, site traffic, among other data relevant to your marketing report. This feature enables you to gather and analyze your business metrics in a comprehensive manner of presentation.



Form and Call Leads

Tracking and managing your customer’s information and transactions can now be a matter of clicks. This feature provides the statistical and detailed database of your customers to whatever purpose it may best serve you as the business user.



Human Resource Module

Managing workflow processes such as Human Resource concerns are conveniently accessible on the Dashboard. From posting job openings to tracking applicants’ status, this feature lessens your hassle by just a few simple clicks.



Fax Blaster

Doing fax transactions has never been this modern. With this feature, you can digitally fax documents to any and even multiple recipients of your choice.


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Mesasix is a full service online advertising and marketing agency with offices in Dallas, TX, and Iligan City, Philippines. Our focus is performance marketing which is the ability to focus on driving measurable results through incremental end-user testing and analysis of user interaction with the website and applications.