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The Time Tracker lets you manage your team’s attendance more efficiently. We understand how the way your business operation has dynamically changed. People can now work wherever, whenever they are available. Because no one works in isolation, Mesasix team developed an app that lets you monitor your team members’ total work time and Slack clocking status more efficiently. Also, a team member can keep track of his own total work time. Foster a trusting environment while also save much of your effort and time with Mesasix Time Tracker, an app made possible in partnership with Slack, the messaging app for teams.

Mesasix Time Tracker


Clock Through Slack Chat

It has never been easy to track work time with Mesasix Time Tracker with Slack integration. The app tracks your team members clocking in Slack.



Check Your Total Work Time

This feature allows you to view your total work time on a specific day of the month.  Simply choose the specific month to view, then it displays all the days that you worked in that month with the corresponding total work time.



Team Members Time Report

This feature is for payroll and for work time evaluation. It gives the team member’s total work time in a month, in a week, and in a day.



Customized Bot Responses

Be more personal to your team members in responding to the slack commands. Choose from any language and customized the responses.



Clock Status Monitoring & Notifications

My Dashboard shows the current clock status of the team members.



Team Settings & Preferences

Customize your team’s time tracker to suit to your company policies, rules, and regulations.


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